UCT Researchers

PI: Prof Vanessa Watson

Research Co-ordinator and WP2: Dr Jane Battersby

Workpackage1 Co-PI: Prof Susan Parnell

Workpackage 2 Co-PI: Prof Jonathan Crush/Dr Gareth Haysom

Workpackage 3 Co-PI: Warren Smit

Researchers: Prof Murray Leibbrandt (WP1), Prof Owen Crankshaw (WP1), Assoc. Prof. Julian Smit (WP1), Mignon Wells (WP1), Dr Jackie Borel-Saladin (WP1), Ann Donald (WP1), Prof. Harro von Blottnitz (WP2&3), Dr Godfrey Tawodzera (WP2), Percy Toriro (WP2), Dr Issahaka Fuseini (WP2),  James Duminy (WP3), Caroline Skinner (WP3), Lesley Sibanda (WP3)

Intern: Rebekah Adams

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