Journal papers

CUP Journal papers

The CUP team has a number of papers under review and revision. We will post links and abstracts as soon as they have been made available by the journals in question.

  1.  Smit, W. (2016). Urban governance and urban food systems in Africa: Examining the linkages. Cities, 58, 80-86. (Open Access)
  2. Parnell, S. (2016) Defining a global urban development agenda. World Development78, pp.529-540. 
  3. Barnett, C. and Parnell, S., 2016. Ideas, implementation and indicators: epistemologies of the post-2015 urban agenda. Environment and Urbanization28(1), pp.87-98.
  4. Battersby, J. (2016). MDGs to SDGs – new goals, same gaps? The continued absence of urban food security in the post-2015 development agenda, African Geographical Review
  5. Borel-Saladin, J. (2016) Where to draw the line: Data problems and other difficulties estimating urbanisation in Africa, Development Southern Africa
  6. Borel-Saladin, J. & Parnell, S. (2017) The metrics of African urbanisation, Urban Forum 28, 329-331
  7. Duminy, J. (2017) Ecologizing regions; securing food: governing scarcity, population and territory in British East and Southern Africa, Territory, Politics, Governance
  8. Borel-Saladin, J. (2017) Data Dilemmas: Availability, Access and Applicability for Analysis in Sub-Saharan African Cities, Urban Forum DOI 10.1007/s12132-017-9320-5
  9. Sibanda, L. K., Obange, N. & Awuor, F. O. (2017) Challenges of Solid Waste Management in Kisumu, Kenya, Urban Forum DOI 10.1007/s12132-017-9316-1
  10. Crankshaw, O. & Borel-Saladin, J. (2017) Measuring Trends in Urban Inequality and Poverty in the Copperbelt, Zambi, Urban Forum  DOI 10.1007/s12132-017-9319-y
  11. Duminy, J. (2017) A Piecemeal Avalanche: the Uneven Topography of Statistics in Colonial Kenya, c. 1900 to 1952, Urban Forum  DOI 10.1007/s12132-017-9318-z
  12. Crush, J. & McCordic, C. (2017) The Hungry Cities Food Purchases Matrix: Household Food Sourcing and Food System Interaction, Urban Forum DOI 10.1007/s12132-017-9321-4
  13. Shifa, M. & Leibbrandt, M. (2017) Urban Poverty and Inequality in Kenya, Urban Forum DOI 10.1007/s12132-017-9317-0
  14. Battersby, J. (2017) Food systems transformation in the absence of food system planning: The case of supermarket and shopping mall expansion in Cape Town, South Africa, Built Environment 43 (3) 417-430. (Open Access)
  15. Haysom, G. & Tawodzera, G. (2018) “Measurement drives diagnosis and response”: Gaps in transferring food security assessment to the urban scale, Food Policy 74, 117-125.  (Open Access)
  16. Pieterse, E.,  Parnell, S. &  Haysom, G (2018) African dreams: locating urban infrastructure in the 2030 sustainable developmental agenda, Area Development and Policy, DOI: 10.1080/23792949.2018.1428111 ( (Open Access)
  17. Battersby, J. & Watson, V. (2018) Addressing food security in African cities, Nature Sustainability, 1, 153-155.–NGuYwhjSD7wz85P1Q%3D%3D  (Open Access)
  18. Crankshaw, O. and Borel-Saladin, J. (2018) ‘Causes of Urbanisation and Counter-Urbanisation in Zambia: Natural population increase or migration?’, Urban Studies Online First.
  19. Battersby, J. (2019) The Food Desert as a Concept and Policy Tool in African Cities: An Opportunity and a Risk, Sustainability, 2019, 11(2), 458;
  20. Battersby, J. & Watson, V. (2019) The planned ‘city-region’ in the New Urban Agenda: an appropriate framing for urban food security?, Town Planning Review 90 (5) 497-518
  21. Opiyo, P. O. & Agong, S. G. (2020) Nexus between Urban Food System and Other Urban Systems: Exploring Opportunities for Improving Food Security in Kisumu, Kenya, Social and Economic Geography, 5 (1) 20-28

CUP-related papers by CUP researchers

Hunter-Adams, J., Battersby, J. and Oni, T. (2018). Fault lines in food system governance exposed: reflections from the listeria outbreak in South Africa. Cities & Health, pp.1-5.

Smit, W. (2018) Urban Governance in Africa: An Overview. International Development Policy, 10 (2018), 55-77

Acuto, M. and Parnell, S., 2016. Leave no city behind. Science352(6288), pp.873-873. 

Parnell, S., 2016. Defining a global urban development agenda. World Development78, pp.529-540.

Barnett, C. and Parnell, S., 2016. Ideas, implementation and indicators: epistemologies of the post-2015 urban agenda. Environment and Urbanization28(1), pp.87-98.

McPhearson, T., Parnell, S., Simon, D., Gaffney, O., Elmqvist, T., Bai, X., Roberts, D. and Revi, A., 2016. Scientists must have a say in the future of cities. Nature538(7624), p.165.

Oni, T., Smit, W., Matzopoulos, R., Adams, J.H., Pentecost, M., Rother, H.A., Albertyn, Z., Behroozi, F., Alaba, O., Kaba, M. and van der Westhuizen, C., 2016. Urban Health Research in Africa: Themes and Priority Research Questions. Journal of Urban Health, pp.1-9.

Parnell, S., 2016. Expectations of Academic Journals in Crafting Alterative Global Scholarship to Drive a New Urban Agenda. Urbanisation, p.2455747116642337.

Watson, V., 2016. Locating planning in the New Urban Agenda of the urban sustainable development goal. Planning Theory15(4), pp.435-448.

Haysom, G. (2015). Food and the City: Urban Scale Food System Governance. Urban Forum, Vol. 26(3). pp 263-281.

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