Books and book chapters


1. Crush, J. and Battersby, J., 2016. Rapid Urbanisation, Urban Food Deserts and Food Security in Africa.



This book investigates food security and the implications of hyper-urbanisation and rapid growth of urban populations in Africa. By means of a series of case studies involving African cities of various sizes, it argues that, while the concept of food security holds value, it needs to be reconfigured to fit the everyday realities and distinctive trajectory of urbanisation in the region. The book goes on to discuss the urban context, where food insecurity is more a problem of access and changing consumption patterns than of insufficient food production. In closing, it approaches food insecurity in Africa as an increasingly urban problem that requires different responses from those applied to rural populations.

2. CUP has a secured book contract with Routledge for a book edited by Jane Battersby and Vanessa Watson, “Urban Food Systems Governance and Poverty in African Cities.” This book will feature 20 chapters by CUP authors.

“As Africa urbanizes and the locus of poverty shifts to urban centres, there is an imperative to address poverty in African cities. This is particularly the case in smaller cities, which are often the most rapidly urbanizing, but the least capacitated to cope with this growth. The global development agenda is increasingly focusing on urban issues, most notably the urban goal of the new Sustainable Development Goals and its New Urban Agenda. Despite the centrality of food to the health and well being of urban residents, and the role of the food system in the local economy, there has been relatively little research on urban food security or urban food systems in the African context. There has also been little attention paid to the governance of the urban food system to the ends of alleviating urban poverty, and to the role of urban planning in achieving this. This book seeks to address this gap through a focus on linkages between poverty, urban food systems and local governance in three smaller cities in Africa. It makes a wider contribution to debates on urban studies and urban governance in Africa through analysis of the causes and consequences of the paucity of urban-scale data for decision makers, and by presenting potential methodological innovations to address this paucity.”

CUP Book Chapters

Battersby, J. (2017) Eat your greens, Buy some chips: Contested articulations of food and food insecurity in children’s lives, in Herrick, C. and Reubi, D. (Eds.) Global Health Geographies, Routledge: London, pp. 195-215,

Battersby, J. (2017) Cities and urban food poverty in Africa, in Watson, V., Bhan, G. and Srinvas, S. (Eds.) Companion to Planning in the Global South, Routledge: London, pp. 204-214

Battersby, J. & Crush, J. (2016) The making of urban food deserts, in Crush, J. & Battersby, J. (Eds.) Rapid Urbanisation, Urban Food Deserts And Food Security In Africa, Springer.

Battersby, J. & Peyton, S. (2016) The Spatial Logic of Supermarket Expansion and Food Access, in Crush, J. & Battersby, J. (Eds.) Rapid Urbanisation, Urban Food Deserts And Food Security In Africa, Springer. 

Battersby, J. (in press) Urban food security in developing countries: Shifting policy trajectories, in Marsden, T. (Ed.) The Sage Handbook of Nature, Volume 3, Sage: New York


CUP-related book chapters by CUP researchers

Peyton, S., Moseley, W. & Battersby, J. (2016) Implications of supermarket expansion on urban food security in Cape Town, South Africa, in Moseley, W.G., Schnurr, M.A. & Kerr, R.B. (Eds.) Africa’s Green Revolution: Critical Perspectives on New Agricultural Technologies and Systems, Routledge, Abingdon.

Battersby, J. (2015) Food security amongst urban households, in Fukudu-Parr, S. and Taylor, V. (eds.) Food security in South Africa: Human rights and entitlement perspectives, UCT Press/Juta, Cape Town, pp. 97-119.

Parnell, S. (2016) Fair cities: Imperatives in meeting global sustainable development aspirations. Rethinking Sustainable Cities: Accessible, Green and Fair, p.107.

Haysom G. (2015). Urban scale food system governance: An alternative response to the dominant paradigm?, in Allen, A., Lampis, A. and Swilling, M. (eds). (2015). Untamed Urbanisms. Routledge, Oxon. pp 76-88.


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