CUP at the ARUA Conference

Three members of the CUP team (Jane Battersby, Murray Leibbrandt and Harro von Blottnitz) attended the launch conference of  ARUA (African Research  University Alliance) in Accra, Ghana on 2-4 April 2017.


“ARUA, a partnership of research universities in Africa, was launched in early 2015 as a response to the growing challenges faced by African universities. The alliance will form a hub that supports centres of excellence in many other universities across the continent. The focus is on building indigenous research excellence to enable the continent to take control of its future and assert itself as a powerful global force.”


The conference focused on 13 strategic thematic areas identified by ARUA, including Food security, poverty and inequality, unemployment and skills development, mobility and migration, good governance, energy, and urbanization and habitable cities – all themes addressed within CUP.

CUP looks forward to seeking synergies with new partners across Africa to advance research, policy and the intersections between the two.

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