CUP researcher manager in Gent speaking sustainable food

On Thursday 11 and Friday, June 12th, 2015, more than 40 Belgian and international experts together in Ghent to write recommendations for how a sustainable urban food system should look like.

The international seminar will focus on the impact of local choices on food sovereignty in cities worldwide. Because of the focus on the global aspect of Ghent wants a broader thinking about boosting local food in cities. The public part of the conference , open to everyone, will take place tonight at the Peace House, St. Margaret Street in Ghent.

In cities worldwide, the number of allotments, but also arise food deserts. The challenge of feeding cities, is much wider than just the question of how we produce food in and around cities.

Ghent already since 2013 its own food strategy ‘Ghent and Garde’ . The principle is that local food systems are the right choice, but this can not be separated from international trade and economic (in) balances. Ghent wants to food strategy to further expand by examining concretely what our choices for local consumption for cities on other continents. We need to consume more vegetables from the region around the own city, but all cities that logic simply apply if we really want to continue without coffee?

Cities should not be seen merely as places where only problems come together, but also as places where innovations arise and solutions are tested.
Ghent will increasingly be one of those smart cities. The Ghent food strategy and policy on fair trade within Europe have already recognized and shared. Ghent, however, is well aware that a smart city must be a learning city. Therefore Gent brings on June 11 and 12 more than 40 experts on the theme together.

They focus on three themes:

– Administration and management of local urban food systems
– The relationship between the city and the surrounding countryside
– The relationship between food safety and food security.

In each of these themes are international researchers or experience experts share their experiences. They are inspiring studies or projects that will do consider the impact that can have local choices on the rest of the world.

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